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Sourcing Profits

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** Update!! ** $250 Amazon Gift Card Bonus

I'll be giving away a limited $250 Amazon Gift Card bonus to 1 3 customers that order Sourcing Profits through my website. What are you waiting for? Purchase the Sourcing Profits now to claim this limited bonus offer.

Sourcing Profits Bonus #1
The Product Sourcing Master Class ($2997 Value)


Sourcing products for Amazon FBA & eBay doesn't have to tough. Use these little-known strategies for making big money!

REVEALED in this Product Sourcing Master Class are 33 of the best, proven, powerful product sourcing strategies for Amazon FBA and eBay, such as:
  • The one highly-profitable product I made $38,000 PROFIT on. (And how you can do the same!)
  • How to use little-known, automated tools that actually ALERT YOU WITH HOT, AMAZING DEALS
  • The A______ M___ Buyout Offer and how to do it for massive profits
  • New, improved ways to do eBay >>> Amazon arbitrage (no shipping!)
  • Unknown strategies for doing Amazon >>> eBay arbitrage
  • A case study where I reveal the actual product I've made a ton of money with in the last couple of years (Steal this and run with it!)
  • How to “SPY" on top Powersellers (On eBay AND Amazon) to make money the same way they are!
  • How to take advantage of the massive goldmine in “G--------- A-------“ so that you get your share of this massive, untapped source of BILLIONS worth of merchandise!
  • How to easily source products online, (At least 7 ways) so you never have to touch products again!
  • How to use my “eBay Hacks" tactics to “hack" your way into eBay, finding little-known “unfindable" deals – killer deals no one else can find (but you can) and profiting wildly in the process!
  • My ingenious “D--- Go-----g" strategy that will uncover “3-minute profit" deals (Make money in 3 minutes on your computer)
  • My proven system (I've bought tens of thousands of collectibles this way) that delivers super-high-profit products TO YOU
  • How to access little-known “offline auction" sources where you can find product sourcing GOLD to resell on the amazing selling machines known as Amazon / eBay
  • How to create your own exclusive dropshipping arrangements so you never have to ship anything
  • Like Storage Wars? I've been to hundreds of storage auctions and I'll show you how to profit massively! (I auditioned for the Storage Wars TV show!)
  • The deal I made $12,300 on (on one item!) and how it was so amazing that it ended up on the cover of a major magazine!
  • Take a peek inside the world of “B-----g E----s" and how this strategy alone can make you a six-figure business.
  • How to set up exclusive product-sourcing arrangements so you have ZERO COMPETITION on Amazon OR eBay
  • How to find suppliers of PROFITABLE PRODUCTS that no one else knows about and who CAN'T WAIT to give you GREAT deals that you can make money on!
  • How to easily turn Craigslist into your automated profit center!
  • How I sold over $20,000 worth of perfectly legal drugs on Amazon in 60 days!
  • How to use “reverse engineering" to find hot, profitable products and grab your share of those profits!
  • You've heard of auction sniping? That's so 2005... You should try B _ _ Sniping!
  • Newbies on eBay screw up their listings MOST of the time. Here's how you can swoop in and snag these "error listings" and make huge profits!
  • Why look anywhere else? I'll show you how to easily create amazing wholesale deals on Amazon AND eBay!
  • 4 types of “shows" that can deliver bank-busting income for you
  • Tons and tons of ways to source profitable products from the comfort of your own recliner!
  • And a whole lot more!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #2
Exclusive Training with Mr. X
The Amazon’s "Million-Dollar Supplement King" ($1997 Value)

"Mr. X" has asked us to not reveal his identity in order to ensure that his uber-successful Amazon product line remains a secret… but you'll get an exclusive access to this private training with your investment in Profit Sourcing course. While Mr. X’s name cannot be revealed, there's no secret about this fact: he's one of the most successful supplement sellers on Amazon, and he's built a million-dollar business in less than 12 months selling these high-value health products. He has agreed give you an "Insider's Tour" of this secret niche, showing you how you can cash in with these super-lucrative health products on Amazon!

Sourcing Profits Bonus #3
The Legacy Windfall Exit Strategy ($1997 Value)

We spill the beans on the perfect system you can use to sell your e-Commerce businesses and Internet businesses.

The best part? This isn't theory! We've sold two of our business, Experience matters...

One Business Sold For $220,000 In One Lump Cash Sum!... And this was a business that wasn't even 4 years old.

We secured you private access so you can discover how to get a "Legacy Windfall" for your Amazon business, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even millions.

This is an ingenious system to stack value on your Amazon business and multiply all your profit in the shortest possible time. Turn a $4-5K business into a 6-figure pay day, or simply keep collecting profit checks. You get to decide.

Sourcing Profits Bonus #4
The Amazon Sponsored Ads Goldmine ($1997 Value)

Amazon Sponsored Ads are the most profitable pay per click advertising available anywhere online, and absolute best way to launch your first physical product to Amazon. In this Exclusive Bonus Training you'll learn how to 5x your return on investment with these super-powerful, super-targeted ads. With this approach you can put $1 into the Amazon Sponsored Ads platform and consistently get out $5 or more... while... increasing your rankings, presence, and free traffic on Amazon!

Yes, this is the power of Amazon Sponsored Ads. Directly it produced a 5.14x return. Indirectly it pushed tens of thousand of dollars of extra sales due the to increase in rank and brand visibility for this one product.

Sourcing Profits Bonus #5
Facebook Ads Training Crash Course ($1997 Value)

I’ll reveal my exact system for generating massive amounts of “Targeted” traffic with facebook ads! Regardless of what niche you’re in… this training will help you reach any target market you want for cheap.

During this training I’m going to be giving you a crash course in Facebook advertising that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do so you can start driving hordes of targeted traffic to your own offers or sites.

Here’s just a small taste of what we are going to cover:
  • My ‘plain language’ overview that will explain all the goofy and complicated sounding terms Facebook uses in it’s ad system.
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to create, structure and launch every type of Facebook ad you’ll need to grow your business.
  • How to use a 3rd party website to increase the ROI of your Facebook campaigns by over 250%!
  • The difference between CPC, CPM, Optimized CPM, Optimized CPC and when you should use each one…as well as when you shouldn’t.
  • My simplified method of researching and honing in on exactly the target audience you need for each ad.
  • Why you are probably “targeting” the wrong people on Facebook and how ensure only the right people see your ad each time.
  • When and where to use the Power Editor as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use it right.
  • How to create “Dark Posts” on your fan page that allow you to run sponsored posts that never show up or “bother” your existing fans.
  • How to run a “like” campaign correctly to grow your fan page for only a penny or two per click.
  • One setting you MUST always “uncheck” when you run an ad or it will eat through your budget with nothing to show for it.
  • My favorite type of Facebook “ad” to use when selling an item off of Facebook (perfect for Teespring, squeeze pages, or Info-products).
  • A sneaky trick to use in your sales ads to prevent looky loos from clicking your ad and costing you money.
  • The most profitable “target audience” you can market to, that I can almost guarantee you are not using.(95% of marketers have no idea you can do this)
  • What to do to prevent “banner blindness” and what to do when it starts affecting your ads.
  • The 8 tactics I use when creating and selecting ad images to ensure they draw the eye and increase my click through rate.
  • What all the fuss is about custom audiences AND how they can dramatically increase your profits when used correctly.
  • How to craft high converting ad copy on the fly that will practically force people to click your ad.
  • And much much more…

Sourcing Profits Bonus #6
Rapid List Building Crash Course ($1997 Value)

Discover my exact system for building highly targeted, massive email lists in just a few days! Regardless of what niche you’re in… this training will help you build a huge list on the cheap.

During this training I’m going to be giving you a crash course in effective list building that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do so you can finally start building huge lists of hyper responsive prospects that you can sell to over and over.

Here’s just a small taste of what we are going to cover:
  • Exactly why most traditional list building methods are no longer worth following.
  • My 5 step hyper speed list building system…you can be up and running in less than 1 hour! (works in any niche market)
  • The #1 place you should be focusing 95% of your list building efforts
  • 2 simple ways that absolutely anyone can set up an opt-in page even if they don’t have any skills or a website.
  • A simple Facebook post option that can increase your opt-in page traffic by 5% per day. (only has to be set up once)
  • How to start making money the instant a new subscriber joins your list. (It’s not what you think)
  • My super effective “NO COPY” squeeze page that requires zero talent to create and converts at 74%.
  • The 3 critical web pages you absolutely must have or you list building efforts will fail. (chances are you only have 1 of the 3)
  • How to buy quality “targeted” traffic for your niche for pennies
  • My easy Facebook posting formula that will have people joining your list by the dozens.
  • How to ensure your squeeze pages never get “old” or people get tired of seeing them.
  • A simple trick to keep your email complaint rate super low and your autoresponder provider happy.
  • The most profitable “target audience” you can market to, that I can almost guarantee you are not using.(95% of marketers have no idea you can do this)
  • How to use Facebook PPC to increase your list building success by 400% and how to scale it to keep up with your profits.
  • Exactly how I get tons free targeted traffic to my opt-in page every day with only a few minutes of daily work.
  • The easy way to instantly build trust and credibility with your subscribers so they feel comfortable buying from you.
  • My simple trick for leveraging 3 different list building methods at once to appeal to more of your target audience and get more subscribers.
  • How “PA” can instantly boost your conversion rates by an additional 10% to 15% on autopilot.
  • My exact follow up email sequence and how I $1k to $2k per email per month from each money email in the sequence.
  • How to easily find the perfect “freebie/giveaway” that your market actually wants and will opt-in to get.
  • And much much more…

Sourcing Profits Bonus #7
Business Evolution Crash Course ($1997 Value)

I want to walk you through my exact blueprint for taking my tiny, 1 employee business to $1 million and beyond in 2014!

During this training I’m going to be taking you inside my business and the exact blueprint that will show you in step-by-step detail how to build a million dollar business.

As we go through this course, I will also be showing you how you can start applying these same systems, models and strategies to your own business and start reaping the benefits almost instantly.

This is 100% pure, uncensored, HARD CORE marketing content …specifically for “A-Players” who want to absolutely crush it in 2014.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll be getting…
  • The most important “takeaway” I learned after investing $30,000 in consulting and talking with the smartest 7 figure earners I could find…it has to do with your ‘workload’ and is worth it’s weight in PLATINUM (This will be a ‘ceiling breaker’ epiphany for many smart marketers)
  • The one type of paid advertising you CANNOT lose money on! In Fact, we’ve never get less than 1800% ROI when using it…and now we use it for EVERYTHING!
  • Exactly how you need to structure your business for maximum growth and profitability, while at the same time minimizing the amount of hours you have to work. I’ll also walk you through the process of systematizing each piece of your business to make it all possible.
  • The BLIND SPOT that most internet marketers have that prevents them from seeing one of the biggest growth sectors in a business. This is an area you cannot afford to be blind in! We are projecting over 50% of our income to come from this sector next year.
  • The new niche selection checklist and how to mine deep into a niche to find hidden ‘profit wells’ your competitors are missing.
  • Why you need to embrace ‘small ticket’ sales. I’ll show you how a $3 sale can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. (I guarantee you are not doing this…heck we weren’t either, but we are now.)
  • My 5 step hyper speed list building system…you can be up and running in less than 1 hour! (works in any niche market)
  • Tee-shirt sales are nice, but we are leveraging Teespring in a way that no one else is and has resulted in a $41,420 NET PROFIT potential per quarter in 2014.  Once set up this is automated, hands free income. (you’ll learn how you can do the same!)
  • Forget the 80/20 rule…there is only ONE place you should be focusing 95% of your list building efforts. (Do this and watch your business grow!)
  • How we are leveraging to provide us with a variety of passive income streams that grow 10% to 12% per month with no additional work on our part. (Amazon is the online juggernaut and it only makes sense for you to take advantage of what they can do for your business!)
  • How to get paid (a lot) to give away free products your market will love…we’ve been doing this for less than 30 days and have added $21,000 in additional revenue already.
  • How to turn a non-monetized email or blog post into an “Ignition Point” in your business that generates 1000% to 5000% ROI for months or years to come. (Tip: this can be duplicated over an over again)
  • The new Facebook “No Cost” Traffic Expansion formula we will be using to TRIPLE the amount of exposure, sales and leads we get every single day. (This is such a simple strategy, you’ll smack yourself for not thinking of it sooner…we did)
  • The simple tracking formula that can take a struggling business and turn it into a profit powerhouse in as little as 1 month. I’ll also show you the exact tracking system I use and how to plug it into your business FAST.
  • A simple trick to keep your email complaint rate super low and your autoresponder provider happy. (One you start sending tens of thousands of emails per day, this tip will be worth it’s weight in gold to you)
  • A simple “add on” that takes 15 minutes to set up but will instantly QUADRUPLE your conversion rates with any offer you run.
  • The most profitable “target audience” you can market to, that I can almost guarantee you are not using.(95% of marketers have no idea you can do this)
  • The new lead generation trifecta. I will show you the 3 way passive lead generating system we’ve developed that add between 100 and 150 new subscribers to our lists every day…on auto-pilot.
  • How I am legally stealing Amazon’s best affiliates and getting them to send all their traffic to me. If you need high converting traffic, this one method can completely explode your profits. (will work in ANY niche)
  • Why everyone over-complicates continuity programs and what we will be doing differently after being taken behind the scenes of a “weaksauce” 18,000 person monthly membership full of happy customers.
  • How to START SMALL and GROW FAST with this training. If this seems overwhelming…relax. I will show you how to start implementing these strategies and systems into your business, no matter how big or how small your company is right now…we build a business the same way we eat an elephant…one bite at a time!
  • And much much more…

And that my friends concludes what I truly consider to be the greatest bonus ever created for Sourcing Profits system.

As I said before I do not like marketing to people by putting pressure upon them. But in this case things are very different.

Gauher Chaudhry & Paul Sinclair Sourcing Profits program will alter the life of many internet marketers, especially newbies, folks that are going to or just got started online.

Sadly enough I can only offer 1 3 5 10 of Sourcing Profits bonus packages.

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David Koch

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